How to Pick the Right Horse to Bet on in Australia

When it comes to horse racing betting in Australia, there are numerous variables that one has to consider when trying to choose a winning horse. Although it’s impossible to identify a horse that will definitely win the race, there are some factors you can use to pick a horse that has a high probability of winning or getting placed.

1. Get There Early

Most people who have experience in horse racing betting know can agree that if you get to the field early enough, it’s possible to identify a horse that has a high chance of winning. Getting early to the track allows you to check out the horses while they are training for the race. You’ll be able to watch them do warm-ups and practice runs around the track which can help you know the horses’ level of fitness, training, and form.

2. Condition

When choosing on the horse to bet on, it’s important to look at the health condition of the particular horse. Your feeling on how healthy the horse appears may just be what you need to pick a winning horse. Start with the horse’s coat and check how healthy it looks. Does it look rough, dull and less shiny? This is a good indicator of an unhealthy or old horse. Also, look at the horses while they are warming up around the racetrack and their stride. As long as you get early enough to the racetrack, you could check for all these things which can help you in picking a winning horse.

3. Past Performance

Another factor to consider is the past performance of the horses in the race. Past performances are provided by many online racebooks and services such as Equibase and the Daily Racing Form. Look at the speed figure of each horse and the recent finishes. A horse that finished in the top four positions is a good indicator that it can win the current race. You’ll also want to check if the horse has run the same distance before and how it performed.

4. The Jockey

Examining the horses’ current form and past performance is not enough. It’s important to consider the jockey and his/her level of skills. With an inexperienced jockey, a horse has a little chance of winning. Since it’s difficult to identify good jockey, you’ll have to look at their past performances and track record. It pays to go for the top jockeys or one who has shown good performance recently. If the jockey has ridden the current particular horse in past races, check what distances the pair performed best and worst.

5. The Race

Another important factor to consider is the race itself. Horsed that are competing for the first time in a higher class is unlikely to win despite their success in previous competitions. Some punters also measure a horse’s probability of success by looking at the odds. If a particular horse’s odds are decreasing, chances are it has a higher chance of winning.Hopefully, these tips will help you pick a winning horse and win your bet.