Live Betting

Live Betting in Australia

There are many reasons why live betting, also known as live in-play betting, has always been a favourite game plan for most punters across the world. It is a form of wagering that allows you to bet on an event or race that’s in progress. It’s real-time betting, unlike pre-match betting where you can’t place your bet once the game starts. Live betting is a more exciting way of wagering on a game or event. In most cases, the odds are usually higher in live betting than in pre-match bets.

Advantages of Live Betting

Live betting has many advantages over pre-match betting. For instance, in live sports betting, you can judge the possible outcomes by the game’s ebbs and flows in real time. You even get to see how the odds are changing in AFL live betting with every play. With live cricket betting, you can see how each team is performing before you place your bet.

Live betting gives you even more betting chances. For example, in NBA live betting, you can bet on the final outcome of the game to hedge the pre-match bet you had initially placed. You could be confident of the pre-match bet you had placed but an injury or changes in weather could potentially affect the game while it’s in play. Live betting helps to recoup pre-match bets that are not going the way you expected.

Live Betting Australia Restrictions

Live betting is however prohibited by the Australian law. According to the Australian Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, also known as IGA, it is an offence to advertise or provide real money online gambling services. The term interactive is considered to include live sports betting. The regulation applies to all online betting operators whether they are licensed in Australia or elsewhere.

It is, however, the responsibility of the gambling operator to abide by the IGA law, not of the individual player. You don’t break any law if you engage in William Hill live betting or TAB live betting whenever you can. The only problem is that most local operators don’t provide live betting AFL and other games. If you can access content provided by international operators such as BET365, you can enjoy as much live tennis betting or live soccer betting as you want.

Availability of Live Betting in Australia

A majority of international or offshore betting companies are either unaware or choose to ignore the IGA law and continue giving Australian residents live betting opportunities. Australians can participate in any available live betting opportunity without fear of breaking the law. Infringement of the law can only attract penalties from the betting operator and not the individual punter.

The law limits the number of live betting opportunities in Australia. All the major Australian bookmakers adhere to the law and don’t provide live online betting to local punters. However, a majority of international operators provide live betting services in Australia. For example, you can get live betting opportunities with companies such as Stan James and There’s even Sportsbet live betting which you can take advantage of to enrich your betting experience. CrownBet live betting brings you a host of live games to wager on in real time. Despite its comparatively low level in Australia, live betting is huge in Europe and other parts of the world. Betfair claims live betting makes up 90% of bets placed for tennis, soccer, and cricket games. There are millions of live bets being placed every day for AFL, rugby, horse racing, and other events on the Sportsbet and Unibet live betting platforms.

If you are looking for a more exciting way to evaluate and bet on your favourite sports or races, then try live betting. It may not be readily available in your local online bookmaker but if you explored some of the major offshore or international bookies, you will find many live betting events and races.


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