Bonus Bets for NSW Residents

The NSW Betting and Racing Act of 1998 approved changes in the sports betting industry making it illegal for bookies to advertise any offers or bonuses perceived to induce residents of New South Wales to participate in any form of gambling activities including sports betting. This law meant that residents of New South Wales cannot benefit from promotions such as new account bonuses, cash back or money refunds, refer-a-friend bonus, and in-play betting refunds. The Act further restricted betting and gambling sites from placing advertisements promising any form of bonus on television, radio, and newspapers.

With the passing of the law, bookmarkers in NSW are prohibited from offering their customers a bonus bet for signing up to their site or even for the outcome of certain sporting events. Previously, most betting sites and companies offered attractive bonuses to customers such as a refund for lost bets, first deposit bonuses, and much more. The law bans all forms of cash back offers for lost bets.

In most places across the country, bookmakers still provide their customers with cash rewards for referring new customers to their sites. The betting sites actually give you a bonus for bringing in new customers who end up creating an account and making a deposit or placing a bet. With the new law, the refer-a-friend bonus is illegal in New South Wales and is no longer provided by the betting sites or bookies.

You may be wondering how, with all these bans, New South Wales residents can possibly enjoy any form of bonus or offers in sports betting. Well, despite the restrictions, you can still benefit from the bookie or betting site by looking for lucrative offers with the best odds. You can easily increase your profit margin by choosing offers with the best returns if your bet wins. Most bookmakers in NSW have extremely good odds with great returns for their customers.

To take advantage of these high odds, NSW residents have to first sign up with the betting platform before they can see and compare odds and offers provided by each company. Even though the betting sites are banned from promoting or advertising bonus bets publicly on the media, their members are entitled to receive various bonuses once they join and open accounts. Once you register an account, you are entitled to receive some of the bonuses and promotions provided by the bookie. You will, however, need to sign up to the site and log into your account to access the bonuses.

Registered members of the betting sites in New South Wales are eligible to enjoy bonus promotions such as odd boosts which give you a considerable increase in the price of odds. The bookmakers provide boosted odds to increase customer loyalty and encourage their members to keep on placing bets on their platform. Members benefit from higher profits provided by boosted odds. Public advertising and promotion of betting bonuses are unlawful but you can still access some of the bonuses as a registered member of a betting site.

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