Bonus Bets for SA Residents

The National Gambling Framework in South Australia enacted a law following the Interactive Gambling Act update that banned all forms of incentives and bonuses offered by betting sites to customers who open new accounts. The state had realised that sign up bonus offers contributed to an increase in the gambling problem among the residents and went ahead to declare illegal all forms of public advertising or promotion of sign up bonuses. Prior to the passing of the law, betting sites were quite popular for providing enticing sign up bonuses that matched your first deposit by as much as 100% extra. The government perceived these bonuses as an enticement that could potentially lead to a gambling problem in the future.

South Australia is considered as the state with the most passionate sports and horse racing fans. Most residents of the state are quite passionate about betting too. The massive interest in sports and racing gambling created fierce competition among betting sites, which pushed for even more promotion methods including lucrative bonuses. The law was enacted to ensure that bookies and betting sites are regulated in their promotional methods. All the sports betting sites in SA now abide by the rules and strictly follow state-approved promotional methods such as providing product offers, special prices, and promotions that only target individuals who are already registered on the betting sites.

In South Australia today, betting sites provide complimentary beverages and branded products such as hats and t-shirts instead of bonus bets or free bets to their members. Merchandise and other complimentary physical products are the preferred reward programs accepted in South Australia through which bookies can reward their loyal members.

The state of South Australia has even banned the refer-a-friend bonus as a way of reducing the number of people engaged in gambling activities. Betting sites and bookies in South Australia even have restrictions on odd pricing. This is a form of bonus in which the bookie inflates prices of some events to entice customers to join the site. The state laws restrict the betting sites from offering free bets under specific conditions such as the odds matched with your own money or getting a free bet on the 10th match played.

Betting sites or bookies may hold trade promotions to promote their websites. However, this is restricted in Southern Australia – if the advertisements are intended to entice new customers to join a betting site or encourage gambling. The advertising of betting sites is allowed only if the promotion is designed to benefit or reward existing loyal members of the betting site. Loyalty bonuses are for members who have retained their accounts for an extended period and offered by betting websites to maintain the members and push for their participation.

If you have created an account with your preferred betting site, but have not placed any bets or taken a long time to deposit the money, you may be eligible for a reload bonus. This is when an amount of money is offered you as a special bonus. This bonus is intended for the purpose of placing a bet and is only available to members who have a registered account.

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