Bonus Bets for Victorians

If you are a sports betting fan residing in the state of Victoria, you may be wondering how you can get bonus bets after the state banned bookies from giving new customers free bets for opening an account. The new account bonus was actually banned as a way of controlling bookies and other betting sites that use the bonus to entice new customers to sign up to betting sites. Well, all is not lost if you still want to enjoy betting bonuses. There are still more options that you can explore to get the bonuses.

The first thing you need to understand is that there several bonus bets offered by betting sites that you can take advantage of. Besides the now-defunct sign-up bonus bets provided to new customers, some sites in the state of Victoria still provide bonuses for deposits, reload bonuses and a host of other betting promotions and offers.

Accessing the available bonuses is quite simple. You can start by first opening a new betting account then log in to check the kind of betting promotions the site is currently running. If you are eligible for the promotion, you could end up enjoying several perks such as doubling your winnings, getting an early payout, a bet price boost, or even an extra or bonus bet.

Most betting sites in Australia provide their customers with an early payout bonus as an incentive. In this case, your bet is paid out early before a game or race ends if you believe your original bet is destined for a loss. With an early payout, you get your bet stake returned before it is lost, sometimes with extra winnings depending on the direction that the game is taking.

Some sports betting sites will even give you bonus bet refunds for specific events or races. This offer is given to residents of the state of Victoria as a promotion for existing customers only and doesn’t break the state’s rules since it is not intended to entice new customers to sign-up with the bookie. You can only get a bonus bet refund if you are already an existing customer.

Another popular bonus bet offered by most companies is the odd boost, which may have a different name depending on the betting site you use. This bonus increases the fixed price of your selection above the current market rate giving you the opportunity to increase your profits if the bet wins.

As a way of giving a deposit free bet, some bookies offer a reload bonus. This bonus is provided to customers who may have taken a long time before making a deposit or placing a bet. It is a way of encouraging the customer to bet again by giving them a reload bonus or a free bet. You are eligible for this bonus after you have registered on the betting site, placed a bet, and stopped betting for an extended period of time.

Most of the top betting sites also have bonus bets on AFL matches. These matches are more profitable during the beginning of the season, which is why there are many betting specials offered by different bookies.

Residents of Victoria can’t get free bets when they register for a new account according to the state’s laws on sports betting. However, there are many more bonuses that they can take advantage of and increase their betting profits or simply enjoy a more exciting betting experience.

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