PointsBet.com Review

PointsBet are the new kids on the block and they have an exciting betting product that’s gaining popularity among Aussie punters.

They offer Spread Betting on a range of different sports including the major football codes in Australia and major sports across the globe.

While spread betting is new to Australia it’s been a popular method of betting across Europe and other parts of the world for many years.

Not sure what spread betting is? Continue reading below for a detailed description on how spread betting works.

How does Spread Betting work?

Spread Betting might be new to the Australian betting industry but it’s been common practice in other parts of the world. The first thing you’ll need to understand is that you when you bet with PointsBet.com you’re not betting on a fixed odds market. The outcome and your potential winnings or losses from a bet aren’t fixed, but variable right until the end of the game.

There are two key things to remember when spread betting. The more you’re right, the more you win and the more you’re wrong the more you’ll lose.

So spread betting is very much risk vs reward and you’ll have to be prepared to lose more in order to win big.

As an example let’s say you’re betting on an AFL game between Sydney Swans and Brisbane Lions. PointsBet.com will set a line for this match. Let’s say Sydney Swans are favourite and the line is set at -15.

If you place $1 on the Sydney Swans, you’ll get $1 profit for every point over the 15 point margin they win by. However. If you’re wrong and Sydney Swans only win by 2 points, you’ll lose $13.

With PointsBet.com you are able to limit the amount you can lose, but this will also limit the amount you can win.

PointsBet.com Overview

There are many reasons why Australian punters are attracted to PointsBet. For a start, PointsBet specializes in spread betting, which has grown quite popular in the Australian market. They also have a free bonus bet of up to $1,000, and other PointsBet bonus bets offer. This PointsBet Review looks at spread betting and other reasons why this betting operator has become quite popular today.

Table of Contents

  •  What is PointsBet Spread Betting, and How Does it Work?
  • PointsBet’s Sign Up $1,000 Bonus
  • PointsBet Details
  • PointsBet Promos and Offers
  • Bets Offered at PointsBet
  • PointsBet Rewards Program
  • PointsBet Website Layout and Betting Interface
  • PointsBet Pros and Cons
  • Customer Service
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

What is PointsBet Spread Betting, and How Does it Work?

PointsBet’s spread betting is quite different from the traditional form of online betting. Spread betting does not provide fixed odds as your typical bookmaker does. Instead, they give you variable markets that ultimately decide how much you stand to win or lose. Spread betting is a unique style of wagering that pays variable amounts according to the accuracy of your prediction compared to the spread given by the bookmaker.

What makes this style of wagering more popular, especially in Europe, is the fact that traditional bookmakers normally give you a choice of two outcomes, either a win at predetermined odds such as 1.8 or loss of your stake, but with spread betting, the amount you’ll win or lose is determined by the margin by which your bet succeeds or loses. It’s not a simple win or loss form of betting because your bet remains active until the game or market is finally settled. With PointsBet spread betting, you can limit the amount you could potentially lose, which makes this style less of a risk than traditional odds betting.

PointsBet’s Sign Up $1,000 Bonus

You won’t find many betting companies that provide sign up bonuses as high as $1,000. When you sign up to PointsBet and make your first deposit, the company gives you bonus bets equal to 25 percent of your initial deposit up to a maximum of $1,000. For instance, if you join and deposit $1,000, you’ll be rewarded with an extra PointsBet deposit bonus bet amount of $250. A deposit of $4,000 gives you a PointBet bonus of $1,000. However, make sure to read their terms and conditions as well as state restrictions to know if you qualify for the bonus. There are other PointsBet promo awards for customers too.

PointsBet Details

PointsBet was founded in 2017 and is so far, the only Australian operator providing spread betting. It is a legitimate betting company licensed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission in Northern Territory, Australia. PointsBet is also an approved betting partner of Tennis Australia, Australian Rugby Union, AFL, NRL, and Cricket Australia.

Here are a few key details about PointsBet:

  • Accepted deposit options: Bank Transfer, Visa, and MasterCard
  • Transaction fees: None
  • Withdrawal: Via bank transfer
  • No minimum deposit
  • No minimum withdrawal
  • They accept a minimum bet of just $1
  • Only uses spread betting odds format
  • Support team accessible via email and telephone
  • Great user interface that is also available on Android mobile phones

PointsBet Promos and Offers

PointsBet comes with a wide variety of promotions and offers. And while some of the products on their rosters change regularly, some amazing promotions are still being offered in the betting platform. Some of the promotions listed below are destined to be out of date, but they are great examples of the types of promotions offered at PointsBet.

Random Booster Odds

The Random Booster Odds is one of the frequent promotions offered in the PointsBet site. The odds-boost promo is offered on random wagers, and if a particular wager offer to pay +220 the previous day, it can go as much as +300 during the day of the promotion.

No Juice NFL Lines

This promotion came about during the NFL season, an awesome promotion which removed the juice on all the point spreads in the NFL. This unique PointsBet promotion gives punters a bigger chance to win more cash on the NFL spreads compared to using other betting platforms.

Name Your Bet

The Name Your Bet in PointsBet is not exactly a promotion, but a feature instead. It allows punters to tweet an idea for the wager they would like, and PointsBet might consider those odds ideas and take wagers through those odds.

Early Payouts

The Early Payouts promos at PointsBet sometimes comes out, which compensates the pre-game wagers of players instantly, if their side is significantly ahead in the game.

Bets Offered at PointsBet

The betting platform offers a long list of wagering menu that includes a wide range of both the traditional and the spread wagering markets.

The concept of spread betting at PointsBet is applied to various outcomes such as point totals, game-winners, total running yards for a specific running back, total passing yards for a particular quarterback, winning margin, time in seconds before the first scoring play, 3-point field goal rate of a particular NBA player, and the largest lead by either of the teams at a particular point of the match.

Aside from spread betting at PointsBet, it also offers a variety of traditional markets such as point spreads, money lines, team props, player props, point totals, and game props.

Sports covered by PointsBet include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, MMA, Boxing, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Aussie Rules, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Motor Racing, and Rugby Union.

PointsBet Rewards Program

Another offer that makes PointsBet one of the best betting platform for online gamblers is its rewards program. It’s a straightforward system that rewards the wagering activity of players. The points earned in this program can be redeemed as bonus bets later on.

One of the ways that a point can be earned is by placing wagers either through the PointsBet website of the mobile app. For PointsBetting wagers, one reward point is given for every $1 won or lost. For Parlay wagers, players can get one reward point for every dollar wagered. They can also get one reward point for every fixed odds wager of $5.

Your reward points can be accessed through your betting account at the PointsBet website and under the “Rewards” tab. You can claim the free bets at a rate of 100 reward points to $1.00. However, there is a restriction as to when you can redeem your reward points. You can only redeem at certain intervals: 250 points, 500 points, 2500 points, 5000 points, 10000 points, 50000 points, and 100000 points.

PointsBet Website Layout and Betting Interface

PointsBet has a responsive website that displays well on different screen sizes. It has an easy to use betting interface. The right-hand side shows you all the upcoming sports and other useful options. The interface seems to be more focused on mobile users because it looks better on a mobile device than on a large computer monitor.

The mobile app for PointsBet is available for download for both Android and Apple devices.

Customer Service

Unlike other major betting platforms that offer customer support 24/7, you can only reach the customer service team of PointsBet if you have questions from 8:00 am to midnight through the telephone. You can also email or chat your concerns and queries, although you might not get an instant answer from their team, depending on the time.


PointsBet may be a new entrant to the Australian betting market but has grown quite popular due to its spread betting system. You won’t get spread betting with your typical bookmaker, so if you want to try out this relatively low-risk style of betting, sign up to PointsBet today.

Once you get your head around how spread betting works and understand the risk vs reward factor it’s a great way to bet and keeps you invested in your bet for the entirety of an event.

The website is basic but easy to use, we hope they introduce an iOS app sooner rather than later as that’s the one important product they’re missing.

They always have an impressive amount of markets to bet on and their customer support via phone or email is generally quick and easy.

Spread betting isn’t for everyone so we recommend caution to all new customers of PointsBet.com.

How do I sign up with PointsBet?

It’s never been easier to join PointsBet! You can register at PointsBet in a matter of minutes and start betting on your account instantly!

Why should i bet with PointsBet?

PointsBet are a trusted bookmaker in Australia. They have a huge range of markets including AFL, NRL, Soccer, Spring Carnival Racing and more!

Do PointsBet offer Sign-Up Offers for new customers?

Unfortunately, No. PointsBet do not offer new customers a sign-up bonus regardless of what state you’re in. Recent legislation introduced prevents all Australian bookmakers from offering new customers incentives to bet, this includes PointsBet.